Whose Fault

by Vinnie A

In a lonely little town lived a guy Sam in his big luxurious house with his wife and kids. He was rich, strong, and influential. Even though he was well respected but some neighbors didn't like him, maybe because they were just jealous, or perhaps they didn't like his habit to interfere and trying to influence/control everything. But one guy, Jack had an old time rivalry with Sam.

One day a rogue neighbor Dick threw a stone at Sam's window. It not only break the window but a 65 inch plasma was shattered to pieces. A glass piece came off and hit a kid causing an injury. Sam was mad with anger.

He believed that it is Jack who talked Dick into doing this. Jack wasn't a good guy anyway; he was an abusive husband and didn't take proper care of his family. He was also rude with other neighbors. So Sam thought it is a good time to teach him a lesson.

When he was going towards Jack's house Sam's wife interrupted, "Honey, it is Dick who threw the stone." Sam replied, "I know, but it's Jack who's really behind this and I'm gonna kick his ass, gimme just 5 minutes." He added, "Why don't you go to Dick's house and make him apologize"

Sam confronted Jack but it wasn't easy to tackle a crook like him. So Sam pulled out his gun and took a shot at Jack's thigh. Jack was on the ground. Sam was at first happy and expected praise from Jack's family and other neighbors. But opposite happened. Jack's family was now confronting Sam. Other neighbors didn't come to his rescue either. Sam was in a difficult situation now.

There at Dick's house the things were far from expected. Dick was joined by his next door neighbor friend, whom Sam had helped a few times in the past. They were intoxicated, got hold of Sam's wife and raped her.

Back at home, one sibling gave first aid to the bleeding child after waiting a long time for their parents. They were now more venerable than before.

Sam really got into a bad situation. Now he had to pay Jack's family for the damages and was now subject of their hatred. On top of that the family started fighting amongst themselves and Sam had no choice but to mediate. Sam was doing everything he could but couldn't find a way to come out of the mess he himself created.

Sam's wife could have run away, but she was afraid that Dick and his friend can follow her home and damage their house, property, and may harm the kids. So she thought it is best to keep them busy there. By the way they bought beer from the money Sam gave to Dick's friend.

Back home the supplies started to run out. Kids had no money. Their house was foreclosed.

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