Never in My Wildest Dreams

by James Freed

I had a dream last night , it was just perfect

We were on vacation in a warm summer place

Where life isn't so fast pace

The world that worries me is safe and sound

Parents are in the living room , kids are running around

I am watching the water go by with you, We sit under the blue, blue sky

It looked like a postcard, that you send to a friend , the dream I never wanted to end

I never thought I have these days with you

Never in my wildest dreams

Someday we will leave the kids with Mom and Dad

The evening will be for us, in the perfect little room

Just staring at each other, if other guys knew about you oh brother !

I have my hands full , keeping those fools away, keeping those fools away

I fight them off one by one, and we sit under the sun

Watch the evening just come and go and let life be real slow

Just the way I like it , never be in a hurry or worry

We have all the time in the world , I am right here

Don't you fear I ain't going anywhere

I hate to wake up right about now

I never thought I have this life with you

Never in my wildest dreams

I am not afriad to be romantic,

Fead you strawberries and whip cream and live in this dream

I sure be a fool not too, I know its because I love you

There ain't nothing wrong with that , I sure do like it

I wouldn't ask for anything else in the world. I have everything I want

I just didn't think I have it with you

Never in my wildest dreams

-The End-

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