Can Anybody Help Me?

by Omid Delbandi

"Can anybody help me?" someone cried out when I was walking on the pavement in my usual steady manner. Like the one jumping out from a blood-curdling dream, I detected the houses and the threshold of them. But nothing even a little suspicious was around. Thinking "it was a dream" I continued my way. As usual I went to the COMA. It was my third step that again the same sound came in its deepest strength. This time my shocking process was postponed to my forth step. I decided to watch every corner, searching every inch to find the something like blood spot, the dead body and a man standing near it, crying out for help or a thief stealing a bag from a woman. Actually I couldn't distinguish whether the sound was of a man or a woman.

There was a narrow space between two buildings, I was suspicious of that narrow, a really narrow tube. When I entered I was as if going to suffocate and being out of the most possible thing, oxygen. This was because I have claustrophobia. I wasn't "I" any more. My eyes were dancing in their holes and I was near collapsing on the something like smooth and meaty pile. I was afraid, forgot all my problems of that closed place and searched the pile.

Oh, it was nothing just a bung of garbage lying on the ground. I found nothing strange except my own dead body on the ground. I was completely numb. Crawling toward the open area, I saved my life. Nothing even dubious was around. All the people in their houses around the crime scene were nude in their sleeping bed. Not a light was twinkling in that dark and foggy scene. I thought I was standing on a thick cloud which was reached up to my throat.

Continuing my way, dreaming, swimming in my thinking pool, I heard the same sound almost in a way that someone put lips of hers, his or maybe none of them on my ear and shouted with the unlimited strength. My head was punched to the wall which I was walking side by side. I was really shocked as if I was haunted. My soul decided to be ascended by the angels in the sky that neither I nor none of the people have seen them yet. For some minutes I was dizzy of the hit. When I became myself, I remembered nothing except the darkness of the around. Suddenly I stood up unconsciously and walked toward. I was just walking, even not thinking any more. I was afraid, not knowing what afraid meant. My eyes were becoming dark and dark. Toward hollow I was going. Something was catching me from behind. I was near to cry, thought just to escape, ESCAPE from that street. It was not a regular street but a hell. There was an alley about ten steps far from me. At last I decided to turn in it. It was dark and dark. But may be it was completely different. May be I couldn't distinguish the difference of dim and light. All the words and meanings were slightly losing their brightness, like the candles being burnt down to their wax. Actually I couldn't even see half a meter away. But I saw something at last. Two eyes were twinkling in the corner of the alley. It was near faint.

"What are they?" I asked, sitting in the other corner of the alley, avoided watching the eyes. Swimming in my usual thinking pool, I heard the screaming sound again, again and again. The eyes were coming toward me; I was nothing but a corpse, numb of fear. They came closer and closer. I felt the heat near my hand. That was of the breath or something else not important any more. Kind of fur was under my hands soon. It was not a cat. It was, no there were many eyes around me, many many eyes.

I cried suddenly and shouted with my whole power:

"Can anybody help me?!"

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