Space Bear Must Provide for Aliens!

by Uutkis

In downtown Smaxville, there's a place called Zooba Zoo. It's home to many wild and exotic animals. From the rarest turtles to the most obscure beavers, there's something to tickle almost anybody's fancy. In one of the many cages there, lives a special bear named Boyika.

Boyika has a very limited knowledge of her own existence, why she lives in a cage and her purpose in life. All she knows is that she has the mental capability to speak any language, she can't let the humans know she can speak and she also has a mission in life to establish a colony for some foreign alien race from outer-space.

With that said, tonight is the night of self-initiation and the time has come.


As night approached and the security guards at the zoo let down their guard, Boyika was swept into her defining moment. When the coast was clear she clenched her fists around the iron bars of her jail and bent them outward from each other.

She slipped through the bars and stealthily climbed some walls to make her escape. A police officer was patrolling the area outside the zoo and became an obstacle for the complete getaway. Boyika tip-toed into a near by bush and waited for the cop to walk past.

Suddenly, she jumped out from behind him, grabbed his neck and dropped him to the floor. He quickly threw his arm for the gun but Boyika punched his wrist so hard it left his hand dangling rag-doll style.

After breaking his neck loose from his shoulder, taking his car keys and stuffing him in the cop car's trunk, she put on his sunglasses and started driving in his car.

She made her way through the night-time streets to one of the city's biggest banks and parked out by the entrance. She got out of the vehicle and walked up to the banks doors where two guards were standing.

"Sorry ma'am," one of them said. "The bank is well past closed and you're on private property! Not to mention, you're an animal driving around in a cop car."

"Yeah," the other guard agreed. "Something about you just seems sketchy."

Boyika looked at both of them with her arms crossed. "Listen, do I look like a 'care' bear? Do I some how give off the impression that I'm interested in this conversation?"

"Again, ma'am. I'm going to ask that you remove yourself from this private property. Otherwise we will use force."

With a sad expression on her face, she slowly made her way back to the car, got in and drove off. Suddenly, she made a u-turn and headed back. She picked up the police radio and said, "If you can hear this... Point A is ready for landing!"

She floored the pedal and headed straight for the guard who was blocking the right side of the bank door. As she came close she bailed out with a gun in hand, shot the guard on the left directly in the forehead and the car slammed into the guard on the right as his body was impaled into a fiery explosion.

Boyika got up, brushed her shoulders off, looked up and saw space ships above her landing on top of the base. As she brushed her fur clean she smiled and said to herself, "The time has come."

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