The Fruit of Sin

by Javed Rashid


By Javed Rashid

Khalid always found it difficult to relate to woman .He, a strong, handsome, strapping young man had always found liaisons with men to be much more satisfying. The middle class, orthodox background that he came from did not allow him the luxury to openly flaunt his sexual preference .Following the traditional, expected and accepted path he got married to Fahamida .She was a tall, well built young woman with normal healthy appetites.

Khalid had a number of affairs with different men, but in between he fathered two beautiful children, a girl and a boy, both were very beautiful but unfortunately were rather limited and had very little talent for almost anything.

Sadiq was Khalid's friend from school , but quite unlike Khalid he was strictly a ladies man .He in fact wanted a new partner every time he had sex .His marriage to Shazia did little to whet his insatiable desire .Sadiq had always felt comfortable with prostitutes .The singular lack of commitment somehow appealed to him .His motherless childhood ,did not allow him, to tolerate any semblance of a long term or even short term relationship, specially with a woman .He expected to be hurt and abandoned by any women , just like his mother who abandoned him , when only a small child .The fact that it was an abandonment forced by death did not register in his psyche .Both friends had a passion for gambling ,they were usually "partners "in flash sessions .

Khalid after school studied and became an Architect. He was fairly successful at his profession and being a shrewd and cautious man by nature did reasonably well financially .He, however, lost almost all sexual interest in Fahimida as a woman ,for that matter he lost interest in sex with women .She tried to forget her deprivation by concentrating upon the upbringing of her children , but after a while her natural appetites took over and made it impossible for her to avoid taking corrective measures to fulfill her normal natural physical demands .Divorce and remarriage had become almost taboo in her middle class world, a legacy from the Hindu society with which the Muslims ,of the subcontinent, had coexisted for a number of centuries . She formed a number of very discrete relationships with young men, who gratefully and gleefully accepted her advances as she still was an attractive young woman.

Fahamida was, however , always very careful to conceal her affairs and also to avoid any conception out of wedlock .Khalid, smug in his world ,would seek her only once in half a year and after sometime he completely switched over to his young men who he found much more sexually satisfying anyway .He completely forgot Fahamida as a woman and only had use for her as a nanny to his children and as a very efficient housekeeper .Their two children were severely limited .Lack of any sexual contact between them precluded the possibility of any more children .

Sadiq after school joined Marine Engineering and became an engineer on a merchant vessel .This life of a sailor suited him admirably .It allowed him access to easy women who form a part of almost all ports .It also allowed him to gamble a significant part of his salary on cards or horses or any other form of gambling available in the port towns .Sadiq and Khalid lost touch with each other and did not meet for almost 20 years after graduating from school.

Sadiq in between his various voyages got married, this rather reluctantly, on insistence of his father and step mother, to Shazia .Marriage, as expected, did not make him a honest man .It did, however, force him to abandon his life of roving pleasure and obtain a job as a Chief Engineer Maintenance of a large five star hotel .This was a major disruption of his routine .He was no longer familiar with modes and means of obtaining safe (security wise) sex in the city.

Sadiq bumped into Khalid who had come to attend the marriage of his nephew in the hotel. Sadiq immediately latched onto his old friend, He knew that Khalid was a resourceful person and had the ability to arrange almost anything within reason .Sadiq requested his friend to find a solution to his predicament. Khalid after a week took Sadiq to Heera Mandi, Khalid quite contrary to his friends expectations had very little idea of how to obtain safe sex, which was not surprising as he had almost no interest in sex with women .He went to the red light area and, in his flash bluff manner, knocked on the first door that he came across .He did want to impress his friend and to maintain his reputation as a resourceful go-getter.

Luckily he had knocked on the door of two of the most beautiful prostitutes of the area .Rahat got interested in Sadiq but Nazarian found the tall handsome Khalid to be attractive .The customary gaudy dance and out of tune song quickly degenerated into a passionate and extended kissing and petting session .The girls very quickly and professionally aroused both friends and just when emotions ran to the point of no return , the inevitable money matters were brought up by Rahat ,the more pragmatic of the two girls .

It seems that Khalid had very badly misjudged the class of the prostitutes they had got involved with .Both girls were the most expensive ones in the mandi and Sadiq's boastful portrayal of a filthy rich engineer, which was far from the truth, made Rahat demand a very exorbitant price .This very quickly dampened any further progress and both friends came out of the house rather shame facedly with tail between their legs .Each went to his house.

Khalid had been aroused by Nazarian as never before and for once he desperately wanted a woman. Fahamida, who greeted him when he came home appeared very appetizing to him and after a very long time both partners had sex and Khalid for once did enjoy his sex, courtesy Nazarian, with his wife.

This of course was very surprising to Fahimida, who did not expect to have any sex that night and least of all with his de facto husband .She had forgotten to take her pills and this one night stand, brought about by the professionalism and allures of Nazarian the beautiful prostitute, resulted in getting Fahimida pregnant.

Khalid got over this one night attraction for womanhood and reverted to his young men .He promptly forgot all about Nazarian .The third baby of Khalid and Fahamida turned out to be a very talented child who turned out to be a very famous chemistry scientist of International fame .He made original contributions to the field of organic chemistry and was a candidate for a noble prize in chemistry .He seems to be have been partly fathered by Nazarian the prostitute .Sin they say extracts its own price and has its own rewards .

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