The Bliss of Paradise

by Kunal Samadder

The Bliss of Paradise...

I still remember the long-left dusky days,

Those alluring eyes, the enchanting smile,

Holding your softy hands, sailing on the dreamy seas...

With the numbing fragrance of your silky hair

I could feel the world so fairest of the fair.

I do still memorizing and relishing the flamboyance,

The jovial and scintillating moments I shared

with your flowery presence and the voice of resonance.

I still feel those gentle fingers desperately running through my body and soul,

Your blue passionate eyes gazing upon mine, those tender lips quivering,

And I felt that my nerves were vibrating with the thoughts of yours...

When we embraced each other I lost my corporeal existence,

And felt my numbness bloom to blossom in the bosom of your warmest love...

But alas! We depart from each other in this mundane,

And our souls are meeting together with frisky twist

In the rosy garden of heaven, and they may enjoy the swelling bliss........

Kunal Samadder

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