by Jonathan Cortese

Emotion. The illogical necessity that plagues our being from start to finish. It cannot be turned off, unplugged or reset, it just is. Hidden but not controlled. It produces madness and pure ecstasy that demands our recognition. Simultaneously the building block and wrecking ball of people and cultures long lost. Remembered only through the pages of history. A blessing and a curse. A trigger and a safety. A foothold and an avalanche. Overwhelming. It keeps us up all night and it puts our mind at ease. Happiness, Sorrow, Jealousy, Depression, Rage. Blinding Anger. Revealing Beauty. Love. Unexplainable yet completely attainable. A roller-coaster of darkness and light. It will place you at the top of the world. Don't lose your footing, the fall is deadly. Hate. Avoidable yet abundant. Fear of what we do not know. Hatred towards that which we fear. Our identity, if found, may serve as a defense mechanism. An impenetrable structure with hatred as it's corner stone. We do not have to hate that which we fear, yet we choose to, because it is the simplest of explanations that puts our mind at rest. But, if we choose to search for the truth, we may still find beauty in the unknown. Fear leads to respect. Respect leads to love. Love begets deeper love. If we could take a break from our self-serving agenda then we might be able to seek out the solutions that have been staring us in the face this whole time. We are simply too busy staring at ourselves to notice. We have become vessels of hatred and of pain in a world where only the numb are fit for survival. Don't be afraid to feel, to love, to embrace the unknown. Don't be afraid to fight hatred. Love will be our weapon. Laughter will be our voice. We will touch, taste, smell, hear, see. We will sense with senses unknown to us the beauty that we have been deprived of for so long. And, instead of simply surviving, we will live.

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