by Cara Ubovich

This time darlin' you're mine

Closer to me than the sweetest grape on a vine

Closer than the skin on my bones

No matter where I am, you'll never be alone

Cuz you're mine

Yes that's right

And every sign points to it

We belong together

And where ever this gypsy heart may roam

It's never gone far from the one it loves

No matter what kind of storm

You will be it's home

I give you my heart

And all that is within

I lay it all down

For the sake of you and me

I'll try my best

To do whats right

To make you happy

I never wanna fight

When I look into your eyes

So dark and deep with love

I can't help but feel

Like I'm so high above

High above the clouds

With the world down at my feet

I can't think of anything else,

Except in your arms I'll be

You're mine, yea you're mine

Until the end of time

Everything will be fine

All will be right

You're my everything, my all

My heart, mind and soul

I'll never give you up

I'll never let go

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