Hiding Behind This Corner

by Cara Ubovich

I'm dying here

Behind the corner

With this look on my face

I'm accustomed to it

How'd I ever end up in this place

Blackness is beauty

Hiding behind this smile

Alone in this abyss

It's nothing I'm not used to

It's everything I see

Yet it's nothing that I need

I can't take everything away

every time I fall down

I dust myself off

I'm accustomed to it

I pick myself up

While my chains sway

I'm dying here

Staring at those eyes with fear

From the look on my face I'm

Deciphering the fallacy of what you say

While I'm dying here

Behind the blackness I hold so dear

How'd I ever end up in this place

I'm lost in my addictions

These afflictions

These conditions

They're who and what I am

I wont surrender what I am

Who I am

Who I've been and what I see

In the mirror that bleeds

With a sea of sorrow

It bleeds for me

I'm dying behind these masks

And you're sorry

Sing me a new song

I pray for all the mercy

You apparently have

Hiding behind this corner

With my eyes filled to the brim

This is who I was never meant to be

This is who I am

And you're sorry

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