Better With Your Clothes On

by Jacqueline M. Yohe

I didn't much believe in chiropractors, but my husband (at the time) was always going to a chiropractor.

My husband was from a small city called Harrisonville, in Missouri, and I was forever telling him that it was not pronounced "Choiropractor" I said he is not directing a choir he is a chiropractor. It irritated me throughout our seventeen marriage. He informed me that everyone in Missouri pronounced it the same way.

At some point during our marriage, I couldn't get any relief in some back problems I suddenly acquired. As a last result, I agreed to go the Choir-o-practorjust to silence my husband, and nothing else had worked so I figured it couldn't hurt.

I went to the office at the appointed time, and the lady at the desk took me to a changing room, and handed me a gown, and asked me to wait until the 'doctor' came to get me.

Once on the table, face down, after he dropped my middle down to what seemed like the floor, he said, I am going to adjust your back.

He said, "you didn't need to take all your clothes off."

I was mortified it was too late now to put them back on, so I said "Well - it's too late now, you've seen it all."

No one had explained to me that it was not like a medical exam, and that you do not remove your clothing, except above the waist.

I don't remember if the adjustment worked or not I only remember that I didn't have on any underpants, and that I will not return for any more adjustments.

2004, Jacqueline M. Yohe

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