Diner Dates

by creeksam52


A little quickie from your friednly undertaker, knwn as THEUNDERTAKERS CAT!


I didn’t date that often once or twice a month at the most and tonight I had a dinner date with a girl I had just met, her name was Madison West she was 22 and I was picking her up for dinner at my house. I arrived at her place promptly at 9:30 PM and she was waiting. She was beautiful and dressed so elegantly. She had even had her makeup done professionally even though at her age make-up was not really that important.

I helped her into my vehicle and then buckled her in carefully. Madison was a very shy girl and I was the only one talking during the ride to my house. I politely let her sit in the living room while I finished the dinner and set the table. I had learned from her family that she loved to eat at the Olive Garden so I had prepared Chicken Parmesan, with a spinach salad and the most exquisite white wine I could afford.

Again I did all of the talking during dinner – just talking and admiring her beauty. I was a little concerned at first since she did not touch her food nor drink her wine but that was okay with me, I just enjoyed her company. We moved briefly back to the living room, and she sat silently appearing to listen closely to my ramblings. I put the food in the refrigerator and joined her on the loveseat. I had selected a movie for us to watch and well the loveseat was appropriately named. We seemed to enjoy our time and she was wonderful.

I then noticed the lateness of the hour and I knew she needed to be back at her place before it was too late. I drove her back to her place making all the conversation. I took her inside and made sure everything was fine before I left. I gave her a kiss goodnight-okay a kiss goodbye. After all she was dead, and her funeral was tomorrow.

Two weeks later I read about the accidental death of 19-year-old Brooke Johnson. Brooke is gorgeous – I visited her tonight and I planned to have dinner date tomorrow evening with Brooke.



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