When the Carnivore Became Vegan!

by Durrell H


This is my first short story on this website.

The attack was over in seconds. The man had noticed his clawed attacker with huge fangs was now devouring the salad he made before the hike. It was a basic salad with spinach, tomatoes, and sunflower seeds for protein. The man, whose name is Steven, is on a weight journey. He started the journey because his last doctor visit ended in a near-fatal diagnosis of the dreaded...DIABETES. Meaning Steve's sweet tooth would have to endure not being fed gummy bears and caramel cake. Steve's favorite delicacies. They are good, but he ended up having numb toes and a stiff jaw when indulging in the sweet sugary desserts. But now a vicious jaguar is devouring his healthy reward for hiking 5 miles up his local mountain. Steve thinks this is a lesson from God. Maybe it isn't the indulgence in sugar but maybe overindulgence. You don't have to finish the whole cake in one sitting. Divide it up for the week and eat it after dinner. Possibly the sweets were a mood increase from a depressive episode in his life. These go through his mind in a matter of seconds as he watches the mountain lion finish the salad, glance at him, and walk away. Now, Steve can go home with new found knowledge and remember his trauma does not define him. Neither should yours,

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