Toxic Homosexuality

by Adventure Wynn

I think I coined another useful term the other day from my brief exposure to this inclusive urban environment. Maybe I just been out of the loop but "Toxic Homosexuality" is very real. And it creates an unpleasant environment to say the least.

I've worked around men who were obsessed with women and it was just as offensive. The only difference is I did tell them to STFU, thereby keeping our little brothers in line just like we have for centuries.

But these gays now a days forget about it. There's no check. What would happen if I checked one of these gays around here for going to far? In Marietta I was once applauded for my assertive nature but here I would literally be viewed as a criminal.

It was just as annoying to watch a guy harass a waitress in Marietta as it was to be creeped on daily by my fuckin weirdo boss here in Chicago. And the circumstances of those two situations I witnessed were identical. A gross pervy weirdo pushing the limits of decency to titillate himself. I refuse to see the difference.

There is a 'common' decency and if you can't respect you won't be respected. I guess every community has its sickos and scumbags but no community celebrates them and gives them their own float in the parade like the gay community does.

There is a place for all manner of deviant behavior and it's called The French Quarter. I know being gay is normal but so is taking a dump...and like leather fetish wear, only weirdos want to see it in public.

As an ally of the Rainbow Community I feel forced to call out these perverts especially when they won't. If you really don't want things equal, and want to be able to verbally molest and assault people with your behavior, you will no doubt be justifiably slurred in the future. You can be a weirdo or my gay neighbor. It's your choice.

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