Toxic Emascul-inity and the Long Island Serial Killer

by Adventure Wynn

Emasculate: deprive (a man) of his male strength, role, etc.

I coincidentally drove down the long Island Beach where that murderer was dumping those bodies when I was in NY. Now the news is making a big deal out of his gun collection. The only connection between a guy murdering vulnerable woman AND hoarding guns is they're two separate signs pointing to the same problem.

He is an extreme version of the emasculated American male. I guarantee that's the sentiment of his FBI profile too but that's not the problem. The problem is that ever since the NRA has been capitalizing on everyone's insecurities, they have aided and encouraged the most debilitated among us to indulge in fatalistic fantasies. It is the zeitgeist of our times.

As boisterous and offensive as toxic masculinity appears, on the flip side, toxic EMASCUL-inity is insidious and is where "les germes" to this epidemic of violence propagate. Obviously countless males suffer in silence and of course most don't murder but most it seems, like every school shooter, flock to the NRA for kinship. The NRA welcomes anyone's money and La Pierre and this ilk should be reasonably judged by the company they keep. That's why the guns this dude hoards is so important to the story but the reporters won't take time to distill this.

There's an opportunity for an alternative 2nd amendment group to challenge the NRA and draw away the responsible gun owners. Leave the emasculated ones to suckle the golden teat of Wayne La Pierre. The idea the average person would separate themselves from a club that ALSO includes all of the worst people in the US is reasonable. Wouldn't you join a 2nd amendment group that's the sworn enemy to the NRA? I guarantee you a gift membership in fact.

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