4th of July as Seen From Highland Park

by Adventure Wynn

The main reason I don't enjoy fireworks is I am preoccupied for all the animals. It is the exact opposite of what we both naturally enjoy. Not to be too dramatic but I can't believe this state sponsored "Night of Terror" continues for our amusement. You think I am joking but I am obviously just way ahead of you on this. In Maine it was the loons on the lake. In those peaceful woods next to a motionless Sebago Lake, it added to the heart stopping shock and awe. Last night in north Chicago I saw a couple rabbits running wildly across a mowed park and through an orange barrier fence right into the mob of spectators standing all goggle eyed. Both of them clueless of the other.

I worked for the Evanston Illinois 4th of July fireworks show last night. It was also the 1st year since the Highland Park shooting of the same neighborhood. So the shift from commemoration to celebration was noticeably grotesque. As the fireworks were going off I turned and watched the shocked faces bathed in booming flashes of red...from the shooters perspective you could say. It further un eased me. To amuse myself during the grand finale I walked across an open field in front of the crowd while staring at Facebook. As Americans, the lack of self awareness has always been our worst trait. Every 4th of July we are reminded "This is what Americas all about."

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