Off Limits

by Radrook

After assuming a humanoid form, I stood pensively surveying the barren cratered planetary landscape that stretched from horizon to horizon and finally saw what I had been expecting, a point of light of an arriving Starship growing brighter as it employed its retro-rockets to slow its descent. I observed with intense interest as the ship sent up billowing clouds of terrain before finally coming to rest on a nearby hill.

   Humans! I had been patiently awaiting their arrival as I had been told to do, and began walking slowly in their direction in order to establish contact. Yes, I had been in contact with humans before, but never within an extraterrestrial situation. So this occasion was indeed unique and demanded a far different approach.

     It demanded overcoming the their initial surprise at my presence on this planet so many light years from Earth. It demanded overcoming the astonishment of my ability to survive without a spacesuit. Why wasn’t I suffocating? Why wasn’t I being burned to a crisp? Why wasn't my skin being frozen solid when exposed to the shadows which plunged temperatures far below the freezing point of water?.

     Then they would need to overcome their reluctance to accept my honest explanations.

    There they finally were as expected. Slowly and cautiously approaching me on foot. Three of them, a female of the human species, a petite young redhead, a male of East Asian descent and a native Nigerian.

    All looked rather jittery as they occasionally gazed about as if expecting to be attacked. I needed to assuage their fears. So I moved slowly and predictably making myself of shorter stature . Yet, despite my precautionary efforts, the East Asian astronaut drew a small weapon and pointed at me with a trembling hand.

     "What the hell are you?" he uttered in a quavering voice..

     “Let’s say that I am just an emissary" I responded softly via telepathy but they perceived it as actual sound and wondered how I was transmitting sound in an airless world without a transmission device.

     "It's telepathy" I explained.

     “An emissary from where?" the East Asian astronaut asked.

     “From another government which has a vested interest in this particular world"

     “We are here merely on a scientific expedition" the redheaded female said calmly.

     "We mean neither you nor this planet any harm." she added.

     “Yes, of course you do not. Yet, your discoveries of other similar worlds has resulted in commercial exploitation of planetary natural resources and this one has an abundance which will inevitably catch your Earth government's interest. “

      “So exactly what is that to you?" the human holding the weapon responded in a rather unfriendly way.

      In response, I smiled broadly and gazed at him benignly.

      "No need for the pointing of weapons Nakamura" I replied softly.

     "How the hell did you know my name?" Nakamura said taking two steps towards me.

    "Humans call it telepathy! Have I harmed you in any way?" I asked.

     “Of course not, but!"

     “Put the weapon away!" the Nigerian, male astronaut said with a tone of authority,

     and the nervous astronaut complied.

     "My name is Amobi Abubakar. I am the captain of this mission. Sorry about my subordinate's actions. He is rather jittery from the long voyage in suspended animation. You see, your sudden and unexpected appearance didn't allow us the essential time we needed to fully recover and readjust."

     "I understand Captain! But I have a duty which I am under obligation to fulfil just as you have yours. That duty is in reference to this planet."

     "So what is your duty, as you refer to it?"

     "To maintain this planet off limits."

     There was an extended silence as the mission crew let that sink in. Earth-mission members had encountered various claims of that nature before from certain extra terrestrials. So this was nothing new. But somehow, this did feel disurbingly different. This alien, wasn't brandishing weapons nor making overt threats. His over-friendly manner was strange. He was also alone, with absolutely no visible nor detectable means of transporting to the planet's surface. So they needed to treat this situation with kid-gloves lest they involve Earth in some sort of a winless interplanetary war.

     “We understand your claim." the captain uttered cautiously. "What we don't understand is where you derive the authority to tell us which planet we can, and which ones we cannot explore nor use for its resources.

    At that, I pointed up at the starry sky and accidentally momentarily physically towered over them.

     "Now what does that mean and how did you do that?" the astronaut who had formerly held the weapon barked. His hands were trembling, and he was making snatching motions toward the holstered weapon. So I gently paralyzed his arms. I then smiled benignly as he stood there dumbfounded staring up at me in fear and awe.

     ”Sorry about having to interfere with your subordinate's physical abilities, captain, but he was about to reach for his weapon. Not that it would have made any difference if he had succeeded, but experiencing a little humility is a good thing for some people." I said patiently.

     At that point, both the captain and his female companion appeared as if they were both about to bolt for the ship, so I very gently and temporarily paralyzed their legs to make it impossible. Then, after rendering them unconscious, I carefully imprinted the message I wanted delivered to Earth on their computers and in their minds. Then I placed them in their suspended-animation chambers, and sent them back to Earth.

     The message that was received on Earth upon their unexpected arrival was this:

     People of Earth. Greetings! The planet that you sent this particular mission to is completely off-limits just as your Earth was off-limits to all other sentient beings at one time as it was being prepared for human habitation. This planet will undergo the same procedure as your Earth, and in the far future, it will be the home of humanoids very similar to yourselves. So please refrain from sending any further missions here. Truly Yours, Angel Gabriel, top Representative of God’s Kingdom.

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