A Hot Hot Day in the Office

by Matt Triewly

It’s a really hot day. Not a cloud in the sky. Sun beating down. June. Monday.

You are in the office alone. Lunch. And everyone is out. But not you. Way behind schedule.

It’s sweltering and you’ve just been to the restroom and removed your bra and black lace panties to keep cool. But it’s futile. Your face feels flushed with the heat and beads of perspiration keep running down your cheeks.

You unbutton your white corporate short-sleeved shirt as far down as possible without your F-cup size breasts tumbling out.

You feel the backs of your bare thighs sticking against the plastic of the chair, and you wonder if you might have been better wearing trousers rather than the short, shiny black skirt that shows off your strong, runners’ legs. But you can’t help yourself – you’re a flirt, a little bit of an exhibitionist, and at times with the right one, a slut, a discerning slut. Young men are your weakness. Always have been.

You’re late forties now but you can still pull them because you keep yourself in shape and have good genes. Good teeth. High cheekbones. Nice blue eyes. Long curly auburn hair. Tanned. Shaved vagina.

You know you’re good in bed, know how to please a guy, give him what he wants.

And what do you want?

A confident good-looking uninhibited young guy in great shape with plenty of stamina and an enormous rock-hard, groin-splitting, spunk-spitting cock that renders your clitoris surplus to requirements.

And that image, that fantasy, keeps morphing into Dan. Twenty-four-year-old Dan. Blonde Dan. Sparkling blue-eyed Dan. Easy-on-the-eye Dan who kept himself to himself, who never talked about any female except his mother and was rumoured to be gay. Dan who worked in IT just down the corridor. Dan who you told ‘could pop in the office anytime for a chat and a coffee’. Dan who swam a hundred lengths yesterday to raise money for Autism Awareness. Dan who asked you to sponsor him before adding: ‘Feel free to come and support us on Sunday’. And you did come along to support him and cheer him on as he ploughed powerfully though the clear water of the swimming pool. And then you watched him lift himself out of the water with his glistening and sleek muscular six-foot body before straightening himself up on the pool side and running his right hand through his short hair now temporarily dark blonde with the wetness as though he was a model in a stylish men’s product commercial but all the time your eyes zoning in on the more than ample bulge barely restrained under his aqua-blue tight-fitting Speedos…

There’s a gentle knocking on the office door.

“Come in,” you say, a little irritated that you have been disturbed.

The door swings open and it’s… Dan.

“Hi, I just thought I’d call by to say thanks for coming along yesterday… and maybe take you up on the offer of a coffee and a chat…”

Your eyes gaze into his, and realise you’ve just given him the… look. You can’t help yourself. It’s your nature.

You know he’ll either beat a retreat… or advance…

You watch him without a word turn and click the lock on the door.

“I’d prefer it, Dan, if you left the door unlocked, please – it’ll be more exciting this way.”

He clicks it again.

You get up out of your chair, your eyes never leaving him as he approaches you with an expression you’ve not seen in him before – an animal look. Lust.

Your breathing slows yet becomes deeper, as though in a trance.

He extends his arms, cups his strong hands around your head and pulls you towards him, presses his lips over yours and kisses you passionately, his hot breath enticing you to open your mouth, his tongue darting around the sensitive areas…

You hardly feel him unbutton your shirt and suddenly you’re topless, exposed…

You fumble for his zip and then pull it down, grab hold of the waist band of his trousers and thrust them down his thighs…

Suddenly you’re being lifted with your bare back on your desk and your skirt sliding off, your sandals shoved off… and you are now totally naked… in the presence of a male…

You look up and he is nude too, his un-cut cock massive, huge, almost quivering, firm balls… shaved…

He holds your breasts in his large hands, massages them before placing his mouth over them and licking and gently nibbling your erect nipples…

He kisses around the base of your neck, and you swiftly fall into a mesmerising and submissive, helpless state…

You are briefly aware of your PC and documents clattering onto the floor…

“You’re absolutely… dripping,” he mumbles, and then you feel him entering you, stretching you… and for a second it hurts badly… but then he’s thrusting hard, and your interior muscles are wrapped around his massive, almost threatening shaft of blood-pumped flesh…

You have given yourself totally to him… all is friction and increasing wild torment… and you can’t get enough of it… a kind of agonizing ecstasy…

And now you’re coming, spasm after spasm of discharging tension… intense pleasure… release… and deep within you feel his hot juice shoot… and his face screwed up like that of a marathon runner crossing the line…


You are at your desk and compiling a spreadsheet when the office door opens to let Wendy and Barbara in.

“Pity you didn’t come with us down to the River Garden for lunch, we had a real laugh with some of the fellas down there… it was nice and cool there by the water too,” Wendy says to you.

“I just had to catch up I’m afraid, I’m just so far behind,” you respond.

“Well, I bet it’s been really hot in here,” Wendy adds.

“Oh, it was really hot earlier, but I’ve cooled off a little now,” you smile wryly, noticing the recent small crack in the screen of the PC…

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