More Advice No One Asked For.

by Adventure Wynn

If you could buy BRASS KNUCKLES at the County Fair like before maybe less kids would choose assault rifles?

In Chile a kid was getting picked on at school and took a pair of brass knuckles to school and settled it like a normal person. Again when all you have is a hammer in your toolbox... imagine a law were if you are a documented "bullied" kid you get brass knuckles issued. And they're licensed to STAND THEIR GROUND to their tormentor on file. Maybe this would motivate Mom and Dad to have a sit down with their dickhead kid? The proper adjustments will instantly be made.

When we were kids you could get them. And you did hear of a kid every few years with a pair at school. Maybe that's the difference? That option has been criminalized? In the 80s is when LaPierres fight for industrialized assault rifles began...the same years we lost the right to buy brass knuckles from some shady Carni named Wayne.

Mike Tyson should give a PSA and say "Be like Mike"..."Guns are for puuthies!" He could tell the kids to settle their shit like a CHAMP. Tell them we are all rooting for them. They are the star of their own Rocky moment. Tyson could say, "What I did was werth! But look at me now!" By the time you're an adult it will be ancient history. Because maybe it's not a new kind of estranged kid maybe its that everyone else needs checked? It would definitely make YOUR kid safer right?

That's my advice to future school shooters. Get some knuckles and flatten the biggest one that makes you uncomfortable. Everyone will ultimately appreciate what you've done. Tyson himself would buckle from a 15 year old kid with brass knuckles...have NO fear! Make the first one count, you wont need a second. AND TALK ABOUT BEING A LEGEND! Tell them in jail "Tyson sent you!" And when it's all over write a book about how you refused to be a victim. You'll be set for life!

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