The Blackout

by Joseph Ikhenoba


This is the story of Naeya a woman who was executed for killing her boyfriend and best friend after betrayal.

Naeya peered through the faint rays from her cell's window. It was a new morning. The sky was clear and windy. For the past few weeks, the weather had been cold. Avalanche of snow caressed the roofs of her cell. She had been incarcerated for the past twenty years for killing her boyfriend. The trouble began when she became pregnant. She told him about it. He was happy at first and promised to care for the baby. When she put to bed, he visited her and the baby in her mom's house because he was trying to sort himself. Naeya was unhappy. She wanted him to act fast, to care for their baby. Three months later, he wasn't seen again. She received news that he had impregnated her best friend. At first, she never believed until she caught them in the act. She broke down into tears and pulled her trigger. They both died on a spot before being arrested.

She has been on the death row without parole. In prison, she came across other inmates who had committed several offences ranging from drugs, murder, abduction and gang fights. A lady committed suicide for an unknown reason. But one could suspect she had been undergoing depression. Every morning, she thinks about her mistakes. She shouldn't have killed them? She should have let things go and struggle for her daughter. However, she lost her mind. She hadn't seen her mom and daughter for the past ten years because the officers won't. She hopes she gets a better education and marries a good man. Some men are poisons. They kill a woman's dreams.

She knew the day has come to be led into an execution room. The officers have mailed her family and the victim's. The thoughts of knowing her family would be present hurts. She will never see them again. She will not also see her other loved ones.

"Good morning, Mrs. Naeya." A female officer said.

"Morning officer." She felt anxious.

"You know today is the day. I am here to get your pant size, favourite food and any other things you will need."

"I am alright officer. I have made peace with myself and my Creator. What's the essence of feeding a hen when he would be led to the guillotine." She answered.

The officer left. Naeya sat alone on a chair, constantly thinking about her loved ones. At about 3:00 P.M, she was led into the execution room. Some inmates demanded for her tennis shoes, blanket and clothes. It was as if she was been torn apart while alive. She felt so depressed. She saw her daughter and mom. She had given birth to a handsome baby boy. She hugged them with tears. Unfortunately, she couldn't hold her grand-son because of the chains on her hands. Her daughter cried endlessly.

Two women led her to another room. A clergy prayed for her before being strapped.

One of the women tied a torniquet on her upper right hand, tapped her muscle and injected her. She wriggled in pain and gradually her heart beat faster. Suddenly, her eyes began to shut off until a total black out.

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