10 Quotes of Wisdom

by Joseph Ikhenoba


These are words of wisdom.

1. If you can't find happiness within yourself, you can't find it anywhere else.

2. Life is not all about living but all about adding values to people's lives.

3. A genius with high intelligence without milk of human kindness is like a wild beast released upon the earth.

4. Children are like flowers that need to be watered daily with words of wisdom.

5. If you fail to train up a child the way he should, you will end up hiring a lawyer to fight for his misbehaviour. Discipline is not a punishment, it is to him better.

6. Hard work is a pain whose fruit is sweet.

7. The very act of self rebellion is a pain of keeping one's existence in prison.

8. Forgiveness is a drug that heals all evil maladies.

9. A man who gives all in charities without a forgiving heart is like a man pouring water into a basket.

10. Truth is the only light that has been proven to illuminate all dark crevices.

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