by Joseph Ikhenoba


This is the story of a man who died and transcended into hell with regrets.

John walked furiously to a plaza. He had been so resentful of people since he was sixteen because his father had killed his dog, who had been his closest friend. He absolutely despised him and everybody. He had battles with a lot of people. Unintentionally, a man pulling a trolley stepped on him.

"Are you impaired?" He growled at him.

The man apologized.

"I apologize for you. You moron! He screamed.

The man became irate. He had just been let out of jail.

"If you disrespect me once more, sir, I'll get down with you." The man said.

John pulled a dagger from his pocket, which he always carried. The man in question was stabbed in the right hand. Blood poured into a pool. Likewise the man had a knife on him. He stabbed Micheal's neck. Before the cops arrived, the scene had descended into a stabbing spree. Both men had lost a lot of blood and were now feeble. Michael became weak. He was to be taken to the hospital by emergency, per the police's request. He fought for his life, but eventually gave up. Then there was complete darkness. He had no idea of his location. He realized he was gone. He was also immobile. It was as if a cord were around his neck.

He started to hear voices of people in agony all of a sudden. The voices drowned out in his ears because the agony was so intense. Then a lake of flames appeared. Hell! Some of his loved ones were present. He never even thought he could see his brother there. Everyone was resigned to their lot in life. He was restrained by a bizarre, hideous creature with a lizard's body and a man's head. A severe ache struck him. The demon had no regret and was even laughing mockingly.

''Why am I here?'' He sobbed.

"Because you disobeyed your Creator while you were on earth. I used to be a lovely angel before the devil caused us to rebel against God. We were transformed into ugly beings and cast from the Heavens to the Earth. You had the chance to change your destiny, but you chose not to. I would if I had my way. People come here on their own volition because of their transgression, not because God sends them." Said the monster.

How long will I be here then? He worriedly enquired.

"Forever! I've been around for a very long time. I feel so down. No solace. However, I must accept my destiny.

John's skin started to melt as he glanced up in regret.

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