The Family Reunion

by Joseph Ikhenoba


A man in search of happiness struggles with his inner thoughts because no one cares. He finally found a way to relate his thoughts to his family in a reunion.

Michael sat alone in his cell with millions of thoughts running across his mind. He was incarcerated for beating his wife. He had a terrible childhood. His mother ran a brothel and drug business in their two rooms. She doesn't care about her three children's psychological problems. She just provided food for them. Sometimes, Michael wished he could share his problems with her but she was unyielding. She values the men who trolls her bed and smoke endlessly than her children. Michael's two older ones committed suicide. They just couldn't imagine her being their mother. The neighbourhood wasn't friendly either. Drugs, prostitution, killings and pilfering are common. There was just no iota of hope. He became frustrated. No one to share his thoughts with until he joined a bad gang. Fortunately, he escaped a crime operation carried out by his gang. Most of his gang members were killed. A judge sentenced him to 10 years behind bars.

The prison wasn't a companion either with unrepenting murderers, kidnappers and criminals all from broken homes. Most have accepted their fate. Everyday, he thought of suicide. But that won't solve anything.

"Suicide is for a weak mind." He thought.

He continued to wrestle with himself. In three days, he will get his freedom. He will face the world all over again. However, his greatest joy was his daughter, Debbie. He loves her so much. She must have been a teenager now even though her mother kept her away. When he finally regained his freedom, he went home. He knocked at the door. His daughter opened it.

"How are you Debbie?" He smiled.

"Who are you sir?" She replied anxiously.

"Dear, who is there?" Her mother asked.

"A stranger!"She said.

Her mother walked towards the door.

"What are you doing here? Get out! I will call the police right away." She yelled.

"Go ahead! I have come to see my daughter."

"She's not your daughter and I don't want to see your face again." She banged the door.

Michael felt depressed. He continued knocking but she wouldn't open. So, he checked on his mother. She still lives in the neighbourhood and recruited young ladies into her brothel. She was flinging with a man and turned dead eyes when she saw her son.

Michael broke down in tears. Who on earth will hear his cries. Not even his useless father whom he hadn't seen since infanthood.

"May be, he is dead?" He thought.

He struggled to get a driving job and rented a new apartment. He charged his wife to the court for denying him access to his daughter. The judge ruled in his favour. The mother did everything to stop her daughter from having any relationship with him. She objected because she missed the fatherly love. Michael explained his terrible childhood and how he wanted the best for her and her mother. It's so unfortunate she was tough like his mother. His daughter understood him. She promised to always be his. He struggled to send her to college to have a better future. He had missed the chances due to his terrible childhood. She graduated as a lawyer. Michael was proud of her. In the long run, she organized a reunion for her mother, grandmother and dad. They all related how their childhood trauma had affected their personality. For Michael's mother, she was a victim of chilhood rape and when she married his father with the hope of finding true love and happiness, he often maltreated her. With no hand to help, she had to provide for her family by turning their two rooms into a brothel and hard drugs hub.

Natasha also talked about how her uncle raped her as a child. This led her into mood disorders. She hate men. She only married him because of their baby.

After their confessions, Michael said all he needed was just someone to hear his thoughts. Being a man doesn't mean one can handle all situations. Men cries deep in their heart despite not showing their weakling. Everyone at one time needs to be heard. Our world is what it is now because many people don't connect with themselves. They apologized to one another and promised to always be there when the needs arises.

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