Facebook Nation

by Adventure Wynn

I worked on THE Ohio State University AIDS quilt back in the day. It was a weird time. I went on a voyage of discovery. I decided to say Yes when I had the impulse to say No because I felt like that impulse was the biggest thing holding me back.

For instance a Harekrishna invited me to dinner at the temple...so I said OK. Because they don't preach I went back and enjoyed Prabhupada's leftovers several times. And I read The Souls of Black Folks and a ton of Thich Nhat Hanh.

But to get back to the AIDS quilt, the reason I did that was because a girl I went out with a few times invited me to the Hillel House to work on it? She asked as a joke because, "Wouldn't that be crazy?" So I said Yes without even considering it.(Obviously this was before I learned about the Jim Crow middle east and that my sweetheart was just a sugar coated Nazi) Let just say her stories of serving in the IDF took on a different smell...

But there's a point to my story. This experience really opened my eyes to how self absorbed narcissistic college kids are. Literally they have no experience to draw upon so it severely hampers their creativity.

But picture me at 27 sitting in a room with 20 jewish girls working on this thing. For like $10 you bought a square. When the lady asked me how many squares I wanted I hesitated and said IDK give me four I guess. No one bought more than one square and it would become more obvious later. So I bought my 4 stupid squares, sat there and wondered what now?

I had a great eye-dea to use 4 squares all different skin tone colors and in the center where they met, a huge eyeball. It stood out because all the other squares were just nothing but Greek letters and glitter. When it was all stitched together It looked like four people (because I bought 4 squares) working together to say something in a sea of confusion that was this quilt. Everyone saw it too.

Think about this, Facebook was designed by college mentalities to titillate college mentalities. And when I see a map of the US now it reminds me of that AIDS quilt...50 squares from 50 different self absorbed A**holes. PLUS a lot of people I now realize are sugar coated Nazis.

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