East Palestine, Ohio Lend Me Your Eyes

by Adventure Wynn

We are told deregulation is the legacy of Ronald Reagan(spit). Reagan expanded the Carter administration's efforts to deregulate while industrialists used the (Saudis)OPEC oil embargo as a manipulative. Congress deregulated industries across the board. EAST PALESTINE is the result of deregulation. That accident could've been avoided if OSHA was "onsite".

The Interstate Commerce Commision of 1887 existed for 108 years to help us avoid the EAST PALESTINE situation ...until it was abolished because of DEREGULATION in 1995. Industrialist tell us deregulation frees up the market. No one wants to point out its the market pressures created by the opening of the new highway system (completed in '92)that screwed rail. It wasnt the ICC.

Today The Association of American Railroad boasts of the result of this act, " the deteriorating state of American freight rail leading up to and through the 1970s is unimaginable. Nearly 100 years of overzealous and outdated regulations had left the industry struggling to earn enough revenue to operate" and by inference to maintain their equipment in the 70s. But after 50 years of DEREGULATION we have the multiple derailments of the last week.

Atleast Trump secured freedom for those dipshits in Ohio. The freedom to STFU and go back to work. That's the original reason regulations began in the 19th century. So industries couldnt treat people like this. Washington warned what partisan politics would lead to... "applause and confidence of the people to surrender their interests."

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