Tyre Nichols

by Adventure Wynn

Cops are never going to have the chance to demonstrate self control when they are allowed to hysterically scream profanity at suspects. They already line stepped. Which one of the countless excessive force cases didn't begin with a pack of over-amped cops hysterically screaming profanity? Feeding off each others excitement like a sports team. Do their training seminars begin with "How to deescalate by screaming profanity"? Maybe the "de-escalation" should apply to fellow officers?What an easy way to weed out non professionals. These habitual line steppers are the ones that make all the good cops look bad. We need pros not bros! TV has convinced us that cops screaming insults at suspects is professional?! Remember "Hill Street Blues"....those bastards used to bite suspects and we cheered that shit! Cops need more confidence not more cowards. Profanity is an obvious line that we are conditioned to let them cross. Wouldn't this have a positive effect? Since cops need violence at their disposal how about a ZERO TOLERANCE policy toward profanity? If a cop abuses you with profanity he should immediately be forced to let you go. That! Should be the new line. You can kill me! but you cant cuss me! I can support respect but the other insecure ones can find something else to do. It's so simple.

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