The Problem With George Santos

by Adventure Wynn

I'm sure this will offend some of you but I calls it like I sees it. In your confusing country of "Alternative facts" why cant what George Santos claims be true? Truth only matters from the individuals perspective now. Trump proved that for 4 years. If Santos says hes a Jewish Volleyball champ why isn't he? Cant he see himself as an athlete? Obviously no one has to agree with him. No more than if he claimed he was a woman? But a volleyball champ...for that the left parades psychiatrists to explain he's a pathological dipshit. I know this is a weak comparison but I'm acknowledging the dissonance. And as one of the few non partisans left, that's kind of my thing.

And as far as being Jewish what would be the point to claiming to be anything else? Who better to benefit from an international hit squad to help silence critics? Face the facts if he'd have secured their support most of you would've been fed a different opinion. It was worth the shot. After all vastly more selfish people are celebrated as Founding Fathers.

He is the reason in olden times men unworthy of the title have been tarred and feathered and rode out of town on a rail because a real man is always given the option of redemption by taking a beating for his sins. He is one of the few that deserve no respect.

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