The Unknown

by Joseph Ikhenoba


This is a story about an unknown murder until demystified by the police officers.

It was dark, cold and crispy on a Saturday night. It was 12:00 a.m. I couldn't sleep well because of the cold. So, I turned on my T.V set to watch a movie. I love watching movies with lights off. I couched under my duvet enjoying the movie. Outside was dark except for the faint rays of light from the moon. Suddenly, I began to hear barkings of dogs. I knew something was wrong. I slid my window curtains, only to find an unknown figure walking hastily into his red car. He drove off. I knew something was wrong. The dogs never stopped barking. I called police officers to check the house the unknown figure came out from. When they arrived, they found someone assassinated. The man lives opposite my house. They collected samples of his blood for forensics. After thorough investigations, they found he was killed by his best friend. I just couldn't stop thinking how cruel some humans are. They are worse than the Bulbonic Plague.

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