Grand-ma and Shakespeare's Cat

by Joseph Ikhenoba


This is a story between grand ma and Shakespeare's cat that had animosity between them. At the end they both tried to trick each other.

The starry, clear sky mourned over the city of Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire, England, leaving its wet, empty streets in silence. The brilliant, yellow light from the street lighting caused the water in the portholes to glitter and strong wind caused the little, green trees beside the roadside to tremble. The house sits on Henley Street - the main road that runs through the middle of a small market town. It's a walk away from the Town Hall. It was a central location as the Town Hall was the centre of civic life after a royal charter from Edward VI made the town an independent township in 1553.

It's an aircrete flat surrounded by immaculate gardens, and entrance was provided by a separate contemporary structure. The home was built according to a conventional Tudor blueprint. The parlour and central hall on the ground floor were divided from the working area by a narrow hallway. A separate kitchen, brewhouse, and three bedrooms with attics were located above them. John Shakespeare also utilized this area as an outhouse for his glove and wool businesses.The kids had two bedrooms, one for the girls and one for the boys. William and his younger brothers Gilbert and Richard had shared a bedroom since he was five years old.

Despite being spacious and airy, the room only had one bed that the three lads shared. The youngsters slept sitting up because there was so much dread of demons and spirits during the Tudor era. The girls bedroom was situated above the workshop and next to the boys room, though Joan Shakespeare spent most of her childhood there alone because she had lost both of her older sisters before she was born, and her younger sister, who had spent her first five years sleeping in their parents' bedroom, passed away when she was eight.

In order to capture the atmosphere of the home, his parents' bedroom was furnished with a combination of real and replica Tudor pieces. John's father kept his furs and wools in the attic space above the bedrooms, as well as a few apprentices to his glove-making business who resided with the family for seven years until they finished their training. There was a knock on the door. William attended to it.

"Grand ma!"As he hugged her, he shouted with joy.

"Willie, you've really grown." She said.

Even though she was almost eighty, his grandmother still had short, dense, curled hair that was the color of black pearl.

The other children rushed to welcome her. She gave them some candies. Williams's cat, Luna reclused herself closer to an alcove. Even, when Williams tried to cuddle her, she mewed angrily. Grand ma stared disgustfully at the cat. Her anger thrummed through her veins. Williams could perceive the animosity. He walked up to her.

"Grand ma, why did you hate Luna?" Williams asked.

"That little fiend. Get rid of it!" She whispered.


Grand-ma had arrived to stay with the family for a week. Grand-ma and Luna were left alone three days later. While his parents were away on business, Williams and his siblings went hunting. Grand-ma made her pasta and chevon soup as Luna lounged next to a wooden chair. She kept her gaze fixed on Luna while selecting an item from the room.

"I despise this cat so much." She spoke a thought.

"She annoys me. Don't worry; I'll take care of you." drilled the cat.

She served her meal on a plate after cooking. Up until it snatched a bowl of salt and added it to her chevon soup, Luna pretended not to be concerned about her. Grand-ma came back to eat her lunch.

"Sacred Christ! My meal was salted by this little demon. I'll make myself known to you." She yelled.

She reached for Luna while grabbing a whip. It fled from her. They started running in circles till she fell. Helpless, she sat on the ground. Luna made fun of her by waggling its tail.

"I will get you, I swear!" She spoke angrily.

She summoned herself. They began to loop around once more. Luna jumped up onto the seat. While attempting to catch it, she slipped. Luna began to sigh as she sat back to eat the chevon and pasta. More irritating was belching after gulping a glass of water. Grandma was indignant. She thought about strangling her. She described what had occurred when the family arrived home. They were all taken aback. Williams expressed regret to her. Grand-ma and the cat got along well for the following three days. But she had revenge in mind for the day she was to leave. She made out that she was giving milk to Luna. Luna had her tricks down. It refused her attempts to pet it to get it to drink. Luna pretended to leave the house but actually entered the kitchen to add sugar in her tea from a jar.

Grand-ma drank the tea while gulping it down with frowns.

"This is just too sweet!" She sobbed.

She instructed Williams's mom to sample it. She criticized its flavour.

"I feel like my vacation is over. She seized her luggage. I'll leave right away. She pushed against the door.

"Grand-ma, don't be furious." Williams apologized.

She gently squeezed his cheeks.

"Get that cat out of here. She's bad! She muttered.

Williams massaged Luna as she encircled his legs while his parents waved good-bye to grand-ma. Luna made fun of her in her head.

"I'll wait for you again. Get healed from your limb fractures grand-ma." Luna ridiculed.

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