Above the Tide

by Joseph Ikhenoba


This is a story of two teens who fell in love and shared similar pasts.

At sixteen she dropped out of high school after the death of her mother. She was murdered by her father. A happy family now becomes a shadow of itself. Neya and Arina her younger sister became abandoned. Their father was sentenced to life imprisonment. Neya had to start prostitution to make ends meet. She had dreams of becoming a Lawyer. Every night, she stays on Bronx street with other prostitutes trying to look for clients. Sometimes, she earns five hundred dollars every night. When the market is buoyant, she earns more. One day, she met Jerry, a handsome, young Black boy. They fell in love. He knew about her job. Jerry also had a terrible childhood. His father abandoned him and his mother at an early age. His mom became addicted to drugs until she commited suicide. Left alone, the street became his new home. Sometimes, Neya thought of suicide because the pressure was much. But she kept going on. Jerry had been a good companion. They encourage each other.

She began to save to go to college. Jerry too took same turn. Jerry enrolled for Computer Science. The two lovers struggled hard. Though, their relationship had its flaws. In the end they graduated and attained their dreams. Few years later, they got married and had a happy family and casted their pasts behind.

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