"He Was Waiting for Me to Fall Asleep"

by Nickmeraglio

It was around 1 in the morning, I was just about to fall asleep.

When the bedroom door swung open and I saw several police officers swarm my bedroom.

I freaked out and sat up and jumped from my bed putting my hands out for them to arrest me. One officer told me I wasn’t in any trouble and to stay near the far edge of the room close to the closet.

As the other officers flipped my bed on its side and began to crotch around seconds later I saw they had arrested a man.

He was smiling at me and was armed with a knife.

The police officer told me that a neighbor saw a suspicious man sneak in through a bedroom window at around 6 pm.

I freaked out that man could have did god knows what to me if that neighbor hadn’t seen him breaking into my house.

Ever since this happened I make sure to check my bed each night before bed.

I never believed in monsters before, but I do know they are very real and we could have an encounter with one at any time.

I just hope I never see this monster again.

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