"I Let a Stranger Into My Apartment"

by Nickmeraglio


Another Short Story

It was a dark and stormy night, I got caught out in the rain walking home from the convinent store getting a few items for my apartment.

Now I did have a car but I figured I would walk because my apartment was in walking distance to the store.

As I was walking back it had started to pour and I put up my hood and started to power walk. I did not see the guy who was about fifty feet in front of me because the rain was so bad I had to look down at the road to avoid the rain in my face. Next thing I know I saw a pair of legs and I froze.

“Sorry bro.”

I said out loud.

Wind in my face.

“No problem bro.”

The voice replied and I could tell it was a middle aged man maybe in his 50’s.

I looked up and noticed he had scars all over his face. He told me bad people did this to him and he was in danger.

Dumb me I believed him and offered him a place to wait out the rain. So we got to my apartment. I let him in. He sat down on one of my recliner chairs as the rain started to get worse. He looked at me and said

Do you have a beer?”

I said yes and gave him a Miller light. He laughed and said don’t you have a real beer? I told him no it’s that or nothing.

He took the beer and started to drink it. He grabbed the remote and started channel surfing even thought I didn’t tell him he could. I remember he lit a cigar.

I coughed and said

“hey I can’t have you smoking here it’s against the rules I’ll loose my leash. “Come on man I was stabbed.”

He said. “I get it but I’m sorry man rules are rules and there not mine.” “come on your land lord won’t know.” He argued.

“Yeah but the neighbors will report it.”

I said. The man gave a sigh like he was really annoyed and out the cigar out.

The man flipped through channels again and stopped on the

Andy Griffith show

and laughed at something Barney had said. It was getting late, I asked the man if he had somewhere else to stay? He looked at me and said no. I told him you should go to the hospital since you were stabbed.

He looked at me confused and than said “oh yeah I was stabbed.

No I don’t need the hospital.” A red flag hit me. I grabbed my phone and said “I’m sorry man but I’m calling the ambulance” I dialed and he stood up and said “don’t or I’ll leave and I’ll be ways away by the time they get here.” I looked at him and said “I’m sorry you were stabbed.

So I called the ambulance and the man annoyed got up and ran out the door to my apartment and I watched from the window as he ran as fast as he could away from the area.

I called and cancelled the ambulance. I decided to put the news on for whatever reason and I froze as the picture of the man who I had in my apartment, the man I gave a beer too, and the man who tried to smoke a cigar in my room, his face was on the news and in all capital leaders the news report read

“MURDERER on the Loose, stabbed six people and reportedly had scars all over his face is extremely danger and probably is armed.

If you see him stay away and call 911.”

I froze and dialed the police and told them the man was in my apartment and I let him in thinking he was just someone caught in the bad storm.

The police came over and talked with me about it. They left and there was nothing either of us could do I wasn’t sure where he went but they did tell me I should never let strangers into my apartment. Lesson learned.

Trust me. This still haunts me to this day what if this man had freaked out over me calling the ambulance and the situation went the complete opposite direction, instead of him just leaving my apartment he took out his gun and shot me and left me for dead.

My family would never know who killed me and my girlfriend would be devastated as well. I’m thankful it didn’t play out this way but I hope this guy gets caught and fast.

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