by Nickmeraglio


"This is another New Short Scary Story

It was mid September I had just gotten told that I had the unpleasant job of cleaning the Morgue at the Hospital.

I have done this before I was no stranger to doing it and it never really bothered me. But this time it did mainly because it was after two in the morning and I was tired I had worked a 7 and a half hour shift they told me I can go home after I clean it.

So I walked down to the elevator and hit the "M" button. A few minutes went bye and the elevator doors opened. I stepped out and almost immediately the atmosphere changed it was especially dark and eerie this night.

I turned on the light and began to get my cleaning supplies from the closet. I had left the room for a second. I came back the light was off. I figured it must have been due to faulty wiring down here or at least that is what I told myself to feel better,I didn't dare think about all the people who were put to rest in this room. I was told a head of time that most of the refrigerators had humans in them so just to Moo the floor.

So I began to

lol the floor when I heard one of the fridge doors open. I looked in the direction of the Noise. I slowly called out "Hello?" Nothing. So I walked over to the door and closed it. After a few minutes went bye I heard the noise again. This time I walked over to the same fridge and called out "Hello?" No response.

I was scared but continued to mop. When the phone rang. I jumped and answered it The doctor was on the line he said "we have made a terrible mistake there is a young women in Refrigerator 7D who we pronounced dead but we believe she was just in a coma. Check it out for us". I told the doctor to stay on the line. As I slowly went to the fridge and opened it.

It was the same one where I heard noises earlier.

Once I opened the door I a woman jumped out at me and let out one of the most terrifying screams I have ever heard.

She had long blonde hair and had a pair of jeans and a tank top on. I jumped back and watched as she said "Which way is it to the exit?" I told her to take the elevator up to the 1st floor. She ran out of the Morgue as fast as she could. I fainted.

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