"Sleep Paralysis"

by Nickmeraglio


this is a short horror story about "Sleep Paralysis"

It was 10 at night I had woken up from a nightmare. The crack of thunder sounded like someone was pounding me with a sledge hammer over and over again. I had a splitting headache. I blinked a few times in my bed and took a deep breath and got to my feet. I quietly walked down to the kitchen to look for some Advil.

After a wild nigh time goose chase I found the Advil in one of the cupboards. I walked back to my room the door was closed. I remembered I left it open. I slowly opened my door and walked in I turned the lights on. My bedroom was fine. I got back under the covers.

A few minutes later I had a strong feeling I was being watched by someone or something. I opened my eyes standing in front of my bed one of the scariest experiences of my life a shadow like creature was standing over my bed staring at me he had a long snout and antlers on his head. His body was like a human but his hands instead of fingers they were claws.

And claws broke through his shoes he was wearing in his feet. He was growling at me and approaching my bed. I was completely paralyzed all I could do was watch as his hand reached out and touched my forehead.

The entire room at that moment turned blood red. I could not scream I could not do anything. The creature slowly got on its feet and on my bedroom floor from levitating. And in that instance it turned away from me and once it walked out of the room in an instance my room was back the way it was not blood red. And I could move. I had been a victims of something called "Sleep Paralysis"

And if you don't know what that is it is when you are being held down by someone or something when you just wake up or sometimes when you are trying to go back to sleep. Most of the time "Sleep paralysis occurs when something is in the room with you."

Sleep Paralysis is very real. Skimping on Sleep puts you at risk,as well as stress. It may be a sign of another sleeping disorder if you are suffering from “Sleep Paralysis” contact a “sleep specialist” “Don’t be afraid to sleep.”

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