by Joseph Ikhenoba


This is a revolution of women whose rights have been under estimated.

Zainab had just returned from the market, tired and hungry when her mother told her what her father said about marriage.

"My daughter, your father has found a suitor for you. His name is Hamid. He's a rich Persian merchant in his mid forties and would take good care of you."

"No, maman, I can't marry him. He is older than me. I am thirteen. My education is more important." She frowned.

Her mother drew closer, patting her back.

"You see my daughter, marrying him will take us out of poverty. Think about it."

She stood angrily.

"Now, i see mother that you and father are more interested in his riches. You don't care about my happinesss."

"We do dear." She answered softly.

"No, you don't." Walked away angrily.

She visited Marani , her friend. Marani was feeding some goats when she came in.

"Zainab, what's the problem? You look tense."

"It's my parents. They want me to marry a man far older than I am. I told them I am not ready. They continued pestering me. I felt like commiting suicide." She bows in frustration.

Marani encouraged her.

"Don't worry dear. We will overcome this obstacle. You aren;t alone. My parents are also looking for a suitor for me. But my biggest fear is that I was raped and lost my virginity. Everyone knows how non-virgins are being treated contemptly by suitors. I don't even know how to tell my parents I am no longer a virgin. I heard women now go for hymenoplasty."Marani said.

"This must be stopped. Females are not sex objects. They are people of power and wisdom. One day, we shall lead a protest against this barbaric law."Zainab said.

After the mahr(bride price), Zainab went to her husband's house. She never liked him. So many times, she had attempted suicide. The worse issue about him was his snoring habit when asleep. He snores than a pig. There was just nothing exciting about him. Zainab was really dying inside. She can't pursue a career without his consent. She wanted to divorce him but the law restricted her. However, one morning, a woman was brutally arrested and tortured to death over failing to wear a hijab in the public. Many women are tired of wearing their hijabs and covering their entire bodies. They want to be free. They want to go into fashion and modelling. They want to marry at the right time and pursue their careers. They just wanted freedom. The death of the woman caused an uproar. Thousands of other women started a protest that pulled the country down. Zainab also joined. The women were ready for fire and brimestone as they carry placards and banners inscripted "WE WANT FREEDOM." At the end, they succeeded.

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