Christmas Greetings

by Adventure Wynn

Merry Christmas to All!

Thinking of all my many beloved family on this most celebrated of days

And my long and distant friends that I so dearly love as well

New ones too! there's a few of you I recall.

And if you can take anything away from knowing me

Remember the next time you hear someone exclaim what the root of all evil is,

Remember industrialization is behind anything they can name.

For example...take, "women". You always hear they're the root...uh yeah, ya do ladies...That's an easy one because in reality there's a number of industries forcing her into a way of life, from her clothes to her toes, that turns her into looking and more importantly thinking like someone Chappelle described as "wearing the uniform of a prostitute."

I have proof. I live in a way less industrialized neighborhood in Chile than anything in Ohio. There might not be any Amish buggies but there are plenty of ox carts. You see people here you recognize at a glance and you've never seen that person in your life. I think that's why every kid calls me "Tío" here. That's proof it even works with an obvious foreigner. Peoples eyes communicate to their minds differently in this environment. Chileans are the most surprised by my relocation and the most difficult to explain why to. All the young here are in a rush to have what we have, without realizing what we have lost.

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