I Will Dream

by Paige Hinerman

11:16 PM, it's dark.

The day has ended and the world is quiet.

I'm tired.

I lay my head on the strange lump called a pillow and cover my body with the green cloth that is my blanket.

It's safe here. I'm safe.

I allow my brain to wander over the events of the day past. That day is over now. I should forget it. Slowly my thoughts fade to nothingness.

I'm asleep.

I float through black emptiness.

I'm alone. I'm safe.

I'm nothing more than a breathing corps at night. I lie on my bed and feel nothing. I simply exist. This warm black oblivion won't last though. Soon I will enter another world, one that mocks reality and twists my memories into a gruesome comedy making fun of my existence.

I will dream.

I will wander through houses filled with antique toys and ghost-like figures that drift from room to room. I'll go through a door and find a huge bedroom resembling one I had when I was younger. Fearing what lurks in the corners, like a child, I run out only to find that the last room has changed and I am now trapped in the house.

I will find myself alone in a distorted version of my room covered in my own blood, which pours from Xs carved in my arms, bright red art on pale white canvas. I sit on my floor and wonder if I did this to myself, or if it was some one else. I never know.

I will watch from a distance as my friend Aaron cries perfect glass tears that clean his face and the obscure objects surrounding him. I can do nothing to comfort him, I can't move. Something holds me, and forces my eyes to stay locked on him. Burning the image into my memory.

I will be trapped here, stuck between darkness and reality, for hours. There's no way out, I can only wait for this world to fade until I find myself laying in my bedroom, a huge orange globe shinning in through my window, the sun.

But none of that matters now. I'm still safe in my own darkness. In that place called deep sleep.

For now nothing matters, I'm cut off from the world.

I am dead to them, alone in my darkness.

I am asleep.

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