Chris Rock, a Poet and a Prophet

by Adventure Wynn

Chris Rock may or may not have been right 30 years ago when he said the answer to drive-by shootings was to make bullets really expensive. Because I'm sure bullets ain't cheap here in Chile and although you can get a license for a gun at the "Gun store" if you can afford to drive the 7 hours to Santiago... there's no industries paying your bus fare to get there.

We had a couple drive-bys here in Crispulo Gandara last week is why I bring this up....6 people died...but only 6 shots were fired. And this all happened while the Carabineros killed no one in the last month in the entire country.

We have a mixed neighborhood. We got Venezuelans two doors down. That's where all the racket comes from. Colombians all over the place here. FYI that's basically what Chilenos call Africans, but we are getting more Haitians everyday, God bless 'em... My point is if only the people fittin' to get shot get shot, maybe that's legitimate change? The US can have the same set up without treading on anyone's sacred liberties...if not for industrialization and it's manipulative of "too big to fail." That's the "groupthink" Orwell warned they would train us with so we would control ourselves.

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