Industrial Manipulatives

by Adventure Wynn

I'm tired of the terms like "quiet quitting", "woke" and "conspiracy theory." Those are what I call industrial manipulatives. This is a conditioned nation being spoon fed the vocabulary of QUIET desperation. The manipulative "quiet quitting" prays on your own natural discomfort with rocking the boat while giving you a wink that it's ok. It's your friend. I suspect media wants to convince future generations this is social disobedience...Quietly quitting and going away.

Those of us from the 20th century lived for 50 years with "conspiracy theory" being the only contemporary manipulative. Those of us who lived the majority of our lives pre Internet remember how long it took for words to become ingrained... I'm sorry it took 50 years before I saw the pattern but they're getting greedy.

But how can anyone now not notice the rate we are accepting new manipulatives into our vocabulary? Exploiting our bicameral mind. It is a way of immediately bisecting the population into two smaller subdivisions. The internet generation will never know as free a thought.

If you want to be an agent of change, first off you have to think for yourself and you have to at least be confident enough to kick the water cooler over on your way out. Don't let them condition you into putting your head down and quietly checking out with a whimper. This is your moment to see what you're made of, don't let them tell you what that is.

I coined the term "industrial manipulative" to identify the ways media manipulates the conversation. Like "conspiracy theory" and "woke". It helps me to identify the sources of dissonance. Stop channeling these words and find yourself a better expression before it's too late.

Again this is Orwell's "newspeak." Syme says to Winston, “Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it."

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