The Solution to All the Problems

by Adventure Wynn

The two things the US excels at is industrialization and selling out, so combine the two. Imagine if the UAE, a country with a bottomless cash supply and experienced in terraforming a dry hot climate, leased a narrow corridor along the southern border and instead of a wall, built an oasis where everyone wanted to vacation?

Imagine if the southern border was an immaculate green swath of 40 story hotels, golf courses and tropical ski resorts?! In short a perfect place for an army of immigrants to work while adding substantially to the economy. Look at Israel as a positive example of the potential of a desert community given enough money and irrigation. What they've accomplished in 80 years with the help of miracles, we could do in 20 with an army of hungry Mexicans without all the drama. For another example Miami has only existed a hundred years. What could happen on the border with unlimited funds and unlimited manpower? Imagine what we could do in 25 years? We could be the leader of the civilized world again.

With Dubai funding development on both sides of the southern border Mexico could focus on building green state of the art or even experimental neighborhoods with schools and hospitals to support immigrant communities waiting on visas. Their employment would be provided on the US side of "The Green Zone". For the immigrants, imagine a Disneyland where the monorail takes you to work at the Magic Kingdom everyday. This idea could even discourage actual immigration. Opportunities for Bodegas and Bakeries would abound. It would quickly become a self perpetuating community.

Dubai funding on the US side could obviously lead to large scale infrastructure projects like repairing the Flint water situation for once and for all but consider a future where private drones fly to your house and pick your family up for a free flight to Vacationland in "The Green Zone". Like Alaska gives every citizen an oil industry rebate, the border states could give every resident taxpayer a rebate on a two week vacation.

The US could rapidly reinvest trillions in education, police and housing. Instead of one path to the summit for our children, we could find a specific path for every child. That's what will save us. Plenty of opportunities for immigrants and gringos alike.

We need a project like this as a country. Imagine a construction project like the Panama Canal, Transcontinental Railroad, Hoover Dam and the Olympic Village all rolled into one, using nothing but state of the art technologies. Generations of us working with state of the art techniques. Something like "The Magnificent Mile" stretched out to 200 miles. The precedent has been set. No less staggering and revolutionary. And after whomever recoups their investment the lease can be renegotiated.

Industrialists could make billions more off the US. In fact! It would need investment on a scale that could distract the attention of the Military/Industrial complex without effort. That's potential access to the Pentagon Budget. Immigrants could live in Mexico where it's affordable and work ON the border in a demilitarized zone without ever entering the country. We can reverse the flow of illegals back to the border by making them a offer they could not refuse.

It could also be a great buffer against the cartel by being a more profitable market for drugs. And the problem with the cartel on the border? Who better to take the fight to them than some everyday Arabs?! Whose more scary? They have been beheading people for centuries.

But here's still another way, sadly the American way...when alternative energy steals the coal miners away from the mines the coal barons like Senator Manchin can move their operation to the border where they can continue to thrive off the exploited poor by running industrial immigration camps. They could mirror traditional coal camps. Manchin could even print up money with his face on it for use at the company store. What billionaire wouldn't jump at that? Instead of mines the immigrants would literally #buildthewall. Plus proud coal miners don't have to loose out they can move to the desert and keep grubbing in the dirt too.

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