Letter to My Autistic Child

by Joseph Ikhenoba


This is a father’s letter to his autistic child, showing his deep love and affection.

Hello, my diamond. I know you were not born to be ridiculed but to attain greatness. You can be autistic, melting down with tears and shouting, aggressive and over react to situations. Perhaps, you may be too hyper active to listen to information and learn, lose face contact or yell at people. Sometimes, you may walk awkwardly and speak slurringly. Your peers might even peep through the window and laugh at you.

Just know, your family will always love you. You did not create yourself. It might have been some genetic alterations that was never anticipated. It is all good. You are a human like anyone else. You have your freedom, inner talents and goals to achieve. Go prove to the world that there is ability in disability. Shine on son! Shine on!

Tomorrow is bright dear and I shall always be by your side forever before death do us apart.

  Yours faithfully,


John, Edeki.

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