Alan’s First Love

by Joseph Ikhenoba


This is a story about a father warning his son about love.

Alan my first son has fallen in love for the first time. It was a beautiful experience for him. He has always dreamt of meeting the most beautiful and alluring girl with good character and kind heart. Each time, he seems to be obsessed about her. I haven’t met her yet but I saw her pictures. She has a blonde hair, oval dark skin, slim and gait. He told me they attended the same school. Seemingly, everyone knew they were dating. I told him to focus more on his studies to avoid a heart break. But, he was certain they were in deep relationship and that doesn’t stop him from attaining good grades.

As a father, I remembered my childhood. There was a girl I so much fantasized about that each day, I sacrificed my breakfast money for her. I thought she loves me as much. Unknowingly, she loves someone else. My world broke down when I caught her having sex with my best friend. It was as if the earth should swallow me. I got sick for six months and performed poorly in my exams. Each time I see her and my best friend playing in the class, my heart always sunk. I felt like strangulating them. To avoid the memory, I left for another school vowing never to fall in love again until I am mature enough. Alan promised to bring her home on Saturday.

As promised he came home with her one Saturday evening. I felt he wanted me to meet her.

“Good evening sir.” She greeted in a soft voice.

“How are you?”

“Fine sir.” She answered.

She did look so beautiful and respectful but I wasn’t too comfit with their relationship. I don’t want my son to be devastated by heartbreak. They both went in to greet my wife. She was happy seeing them. She prepared great meals and left them in the living room to discuss, while I continued my gardening. The two lover birds seems to love each other like I never thought but frequently, I advised my son. During holidays she would help my wife with cooking and cleaning. She felt she had found the perfect wife for his son, perhaps, a member of our family.

However, one fateful morning, I saw Alan crying in his room. I have never seen him in that mood. I drew closer to him to enquire what had happened. At first he remained mused. I dried his tears with my right palm. Then told me in a shrill voice, how he had a misunderstanding with her and how she had cheated on him with his best friend. She never even felt remorseful.

I felt his pain the way he spoke. It was emotional. As a father, I won’t let anything destroy my child’s emotion.

“It’s alright son. I warned you to be careful. Sometimes, those we love don’t love us in return. Wipe your tears. Tomorrow is bright. We all learn from mistakes” I admonished.

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