The Lucky Lottery

by Joseph Ikhenoba


A man has been playing lottery for several years until luck shone on him.

Marcus and his wife had struggled to raise their children with the meagre money they earn. He works as a newspaper seller while his Shirley his wife works as a cleaner. The couples have three children, two whom are in colleges and the last child in high school. They had collected some loans from the government to pay for their school fees with the hope of paying instalmentally. Perhaps, the couples had been married for twenty years and loves each other deeply but their challenge had always been money.

Marcus had always tried his luck on lottery. He often plays the same number for the past fifteen years with the hope of winning someday. At a point, he thought of quitting. “The money could have been put into other uses.” He thought.

However, he remained obstinate. One morning, he went to uncle Lawton’s shop to stake his numbers.

“You have been playing this numbers for donkey years. Don’t you think you should have your hands on others?” Said uncle Lawton.

“These are the lucky numbers I saw in my dreams when I started staking. I believe my time will come.” He assured.

“But change is constant.”

“Not in my own case.” He answered.

“Best of luck.” Wished Uncle Lawton as he printed his ticket.

After the day’s hectic work, Marcus was tired. He ate his meal and put on his T.V to watch the lottery game. The numbers began rolling. The ambience was tense. He had staked his last penny. If he didn’t win, he would have to trek to work the next day. To his surprise, his five numbers had won. He couldn’t contain his joy. He shouted and almost jumped out of his skin.

“Darling, we are millionaires.” He shouted with tears of joy, showing her the winning ticket.

She ran out of the kitchen, dropped her pan and spoon on the floor. Then, they both danced to the “Twist” until her soup began to burn. She ran to switch off the gas cooker and the dance continued.

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