The Recruit

by Joseph Ikhenoba


Esogie was conscripted into the British Army during the Second World war. He became one hell of a soldier that Commandant Wilock wished was dead. He did survive and became free.

Nosagie was conscripted to fight for the British Army during the Second World War on his father’s farm. On his first day of training, he was enlisted into the fourth command. He and some other recruits were camped in a Barracks in Wickham. Commandant Willock had given everyone the code of conducts. In few days, they would be dispatched to the battlefield.

"You go to bed by 9p.m and wake by 4a.m for training. Anyone who fails to comply, will face the punishment. Is that clear?" He barked.

"Yes sir!" All in one voice.

Nosagie was a bad sleeper. He could sleep all day. After their first day of training, his body ached. He had not had a good sleep. After their morning drill, they went for breakfast. At night, the Commandant came to check on everyone.

"Lights out! He ordered.

The lights were turned off as they all clinched to their beds. By 3:30a.m, the bugle sounded. Time to wake. The recruits rushed to the bathrooms. Everyone must be out before 4:00a.m. Nosagie was still deeply asleep, dreaming about his lover.

"Wake up!" Called one of the recruits.

He just rolled to the other side of the bed, snoring and salivating.

The Commandant would be here soon. Shouted the recruit as he continued to tap his hands.

Unyielding, he left him. They hastily wore their uniforms and evacuated before the commander comes. Left in the room was Nosagie. His snoring filled the air like a hog. Even the Commander could hear it few blocks away. He poured a cup of water on him thinking he would wake. He turned another direction to continue his sleep.

"Wake up, you sleeping hog." He woke him with a baton.

Immediately, he ran to the bathroom with a pair of stocking and sponge.

"Open the door, you silly miscreant!" He hits the door with his baton.

I’m coming Commander. He quickly showered.

He rushed to the parade ground with his pants and uniforms.

"You silly scoundrel!Hope you die in the war?" cursed the commander.

A week later, he was taken to the battlefield.

"Fight your live out!" Shouted the Commandant.

The British soldiers began to shoot at their enemies. Nosagie hid in a deep hole while others were on the battlefield. Boomerangs boomed from all directons as aircraft suffocates the air with grenades.

"Where have you been? You coward!"Shouted the Commandant.

"I have been defecating. I think I have diarrhoea."answered Nosagie

"Hope you die like a swine? You are defecating when we are losing men." pointed the commander.

"Sorry sir. I have killed fifty enemies."

"You coward! You haven’t killed an ant! Damn those who conscripted you into the army. I pray your buttocks catch those German bombs."

"Sir, I swear, I don’t have any more bullets on me. We will send Hitler back to his base." He boasted.

" I hate you with all my life. I know you will be dead before the war ends. You miserable rat."

The war continued for months. The British soldiers and the enemies lost at both sides. However, Nosagie hid into different dug outs until the war was over. When he came out, Commander Wilock was surprised.

"How come you survived?" Commander Wilock with a surprised look.

"I told you I was a good soldier." He smiled.

"Damn you! Thank your star you survived. You should have rottened under the bomb." Said the Commandant.

"Hurray, thank the holy holes I am alive! I am free. Free like a bird." He ridiculed.

The commandant watched angrily as he and other survivors marched into a helicopter.

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