True Power in Dormant

by Catherine Shultz


The third part of the Twisted Devils: Segmant One. Boss puzzles to the first Devil May Cry so the attacks,dodge moves and how the fight looks. New players to the series

A dark knight of large power in dormant. The eyes and force of the devil-king watching Dante. When Dante is closer to the kings lair is when the knight will challange Dante in a battle. It begins the first battle with Nelo Angelo. Thous blade needs to charge up besides, from that the attacks are equal to Alastor's attacks. Blue flame of power engulfing the blade so, thy can dodge, slash and shoot along with devil-form. Thy will always knows thou's location by the blue fire on teleports end. Enough hits on thou will teleport to bridge and charge the blade. Thou leads and thy follows fast enough to hit thou out of charging the blade. Thy stay on thou to prevent thou from releasing a a projectile. Follow the leader to the final part of the fight.Thy can't stop thou from releasing the projectile so, just dodge. Thou can now block every attack from thy. Maybe a heavy attack can lower for attacking. Thy can attack thous back for stunning damage. In the end the dark knight will have the upper hand. Until Dantes amulet shows itself and stops Nelo with a painful, powerful rememerable. Along with running away and leaving Dante to get closer to stopping the kings return.

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