Phantoms Play (Part 2)

by Catherine Shultz


Phantoms play is the first boss puzzle in the "Twisted Devils: Segment One" Which is every boss in Devil May Cry 1. So the boss's attacks,dodge moves and how the fight looks. This is for like brand new players,starters of the series.

When Dante leaves the hall, Phantom will come back in the long hallway, in chase to trap Dante. Back against the wall the second fight begins. In the chase he will use lava projectiles. Trying to keep the ancient evil asleep. So, thy can just dodge and slash or ricochet the balls back at thou. Thy can also shoot thou to stay in the air. Devil form can be used if wanted to ricochet the balls back. By doing that thou takes a nice long health damage. After Dante is done with Phantom a second time. Dante can go through the door and progress. Phantom will melt into the same of lava. Into the garden and say hello to the ancient evil-Shadow.

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