Phantoms Play

by Catherine Shultz


Devil May Cry 1 boss puzzles. The bosses attacks dodge moves and how the fight looks. This is for like brand new player,starter of the series.

Phantom's the large volcanic type spider. Guardian of the pride of the lion.Tamed by one of extreme power that forced a devil to rebel against. Thou usually uses the long range attacks like the lava ball projectiles. So, thy can take advantage of the battles start in air for helm-breaker. Thou will use the hard scorpion claws in close combat but, also with back steps. Thy can attack thous face only jump a little to dodge. Enough hits and thou will duck and charge to a new spot. Thy can get thou to shoot at the pillars, instead by standing behind it. Thy can get self stuck between the pillars as well. More projectiles for thy to dodge or give it back in time. After thy takes him down thou, will melt into a pool of lava. With the pride of the lion in Dante possession can leave the hall for the garden. Good luck for there is ancient evil of darkness waiting to bring Dantes demise. The End

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