Can Kicker Clown

by Matt Triewly

You're a can kicker kid from a can kicker town.

You're out of control and spiralling down.

Your mothers at work, your father's not there.

You're never at school and the teachers don't care.

You're financially dependent on mother's green purse

And you're living your life full speed in reverse.

Your mother's on pills when she's not shedding tears -

What hope has she got for the following years?

You've started to steal 'cos it gives you a kick

And the prospects look good for a spell in the nick.

But along comes a chap, a regular rough Joe.

One period is missed and off he does go.

Your mum is a granny at age forty one,

And changing them nappies isn't much fun.

So, it's off to the social, trudging downtown,

And the clerk at the desk thinks: 'Can kicker clown'.

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