by Matt Triewly

He woke with a start in a bed that was not his. He reached out and switched the bedside light on - it was not his bedside light. The woman sleeping next to him was not his wife. He looked down at the muscular dark-skinned arms - they were not his arms.

He then slipped out of the bed in the room that was not his and walked to the door. The woman that was not his wife stirred. He walked across the landing in the house that was not his house and swung open the door to the bathroom that was not his. He urinated in a toilet that was not his toilet with a penis that was not his penis. He then flushed a toilet handle he had never flushed before. He washed the hands that were not his hands in a sink with gold plated handles. He looked into the mirror and the face that stared back was not his - it was the face of his nemesis. He then walked back out of the bathroom. He needed to dream another dream.

Without warning there was shouting and the sound of gunfire. Men rushed out of rooms and went to his side. He did not know these men but these men knew him.

Then the men around him began to fall as if in slow motion. And when they were all still and bloody on the floor another face appeared around the door. The face was smiling, and the face was his.

How had he done it? How had the 'Master Criminal swapped bodies with the Chief of Police?

"Voodoo," The Master Criminal mouthed before blowing his brains out, the brains that weren't really his, with a single shot...

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