A Parting of the Ways Story Two

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


This involves a worldly family leaving their old lives behind and becoming born again Christians instead.

"I don't know why Marian Morris, you hang out with that Christian spoils sport! He doesn't believe in having any fun at all," Her younger sister Marylou Morris complained. "He keeps me amused by his trying to convert me to Christianity. Besides because I have David Davidson in my life the other boys ignore me completely. And all they wanna do is make love to me!" She laughed at her sister Marylou.

"What's the matter with making love with boys it sounds like fun!" Marylou laughed right back at her. "You can become pregnant with one of their babies and don't say that abortion is the answer! Even we recognize cold blooded murder when we see it! And we would have to put his unwanted child up for adaption the minute that the baby was born. Mom and dad can't ill afford another hungry mouth to feed!

"Hey earth paging David a penny for your thoughts! Why do you keep having that spoiled brat of a Marian Morris hanging around for? When you know that she isn't one of us and never will become a Christian like the two of us!" His best friend at church and at school Peter Paulson.

"The other girls at school, who were making eyes at me now ignore me, because of her. So she serves a very important service." Shrugged David.

"You are not suppose to date unbelievers, you know the rules. What do you intend to do with her when you are old enough, marry her!" shouted Peter Paulson.

"Of course not! But If I can help save her soul than I am able to help save anyone. Besides she makes good practices she is using me and I am using her." His friend smiled back at him.

"Mom and dad what would you say if your oldest daughter was dating a Christian boy?"Marylou asked her parents.

"David Davidson may be a Christian but he keeps his hands and his masculine mind where they rightfully belong." Answered her loving father Martin.

"Mom what happens if Marian becomes a Christian just like David Davidson?" Marylou asked her mother Martha.

"Than the Davidson family will have another mouth to feed! I don't want anybody trying to convert me about a God who doesn't even exist!" Her mother yelled back at her.

"Marian! You come down here right this instance do yeah here me!" "Don't worry, mother David, serves a valuable service by keeping all of the real live wolves far far far away from me! Believe me the last man in the world I would ever marry would be one of those mealy mouthed Bible thumbing born again Christians." She hugged her loving mother.

"David, why don't you date one of our Christian girls at church instead of that heathen Marian Morris?"asked his loving mother Pauline.

"All of the Christian girls and boys attend our church school and we can't afford the tuition and the expense of sending me there. Besides Marian maybe a heathen but she is a perfect angel compared to all of the other little darlings at our school. God forbid it isn't like I am ever going to ask her to marry me! Besides I am a Christian and her family wants her to marry another heathen and keep it all in the family! Are you satisfied now mother!" He yelled back at her.

"Mother I am so very sorry I love you very much and I am sorry I ever yelled at you!" He threw his arms around her and gave her a big hug. She and his father both hugged him.

He dialed the phone and asked to speak to Marian. Would she like to do her homework with him at their church library? It was a lot more quitter than the school library or the public library. Her parents nodded their school library and the public library were hang out for the rest of the kids from their school. Some of them were into dealing drugs and weed.

And his mother and father prayed very hard about the situation. Marian said yes and ran upstairs and grapped her school's back pack. David rode his bike over to her place and they rode their bikes together to his church library. This was the very first time that David ever invited her to study at church library. Marylou had her own homework to do and decided to tag along with her older sister and David. David did not mind Marylou hanging around with them instead of kids her own age.

They parked their three bikes at the bike rack and locked them up. David lead the way to his church's library. They mounted the stairs and their librarian showed them into a study room where Peter Paulson already arrived just a few minutes before.

They concentrated on their studies and boys acted like their unofficial tutors and the girls helped them with their homework assignments in return. Peter Paulson's parents could not afford to send him to the church school either. Afterwards the boys' church was having a brunch and every one got to invite one guest apiece. David and Paul invited both Marian and Marylou. Both girls were on their very best behaviors and remained silent.

Both boys were raised to be perfect gentlemen and helped the girls with their plates at the luncheon. Their youth leaders said their prayers and made important announcements. Marian and Marylou copied both of the boys and the rest of the youth present and bowed their heads. It was a brand new environment that they were both exposed to for the very first time in their young lives.

All of the young people were laughing and having a lot of fun. Both girls called their parents and the two boys escorted the two sisters back to their house. The ride back to the girls' place was done in complete silence. They shook hands with each other and said their goodbyes. The girls' parents thought our daughters are safer with the two Bible thumping boys than with boys of their own kind!

The next day at school their girls friends were making fun of them and accusing them of getting the highly contagious disease of religion! They were surprised when the two sisters turned their backs on them and walked away from them instead of yelling remarks back at them. Those church girls knew how to conduct themselves like young ladies instead of spoiled brats!

Both David and Paul treated them like ladies instead of young tramps! From now on they would try to conduct themselves as young ladies! Both David and Paul observed the whole scene and watched the two sisters turn their backs and walk away from double trouble. They both escorted the sisters to their separate class rooms and held the doors open for them. Instead of popping gum and blowing bubbles the two sisters were trying to focus their attentions on their flabbergasted teachers.

Instead of making paper airplanes and flying them back at their teachers, they started taking notes and answering questions. Their teachers were amazed at their sudden changes in their behaviors for the better instead of the worse. They both wore a lot less make up and wore their skirts and their dresses a decent length And quit wearing tight skirts, dresses and pants. And they also started treating their teachers with a lot more respect and their grades also greatly improved.

Both David and Paul were also very much impressed but they knew the girls were trying to impress them instead of God. But they would not despise the girls brand new beginnings. Both sisters started treating each other and their parents with respect and their parents were both very much surprised! They quit hanging around with their old gangs at their school, started hanging out with the church kids and started attending their brand new church.

Both sisters went up to the church's alter when their new pastor gave the church the usual salvation invitation. They attended the new member classes about salvation and baptism. Their church school decided to sponsor the two born again Morris sisters and David and Paul. The girls' parents started attending church and also became saved. Mr Morris no longer tended bar at the local tavern, his new pastor found him and his wife paying jobs at their new church. It was a true parting of their old and their sinful ways.

All of my love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry,

Roxy Lea/October Country 209

July 20 &22, 2022

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