A Parting of the Ways Story One

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


This was story one of the Parting of the Ways.

"Ruth, I thought you were a Christian! Why are you dating your boyfriend, Ryan Daily! When you know in your heart that he will never become one of us!" Her best friend forever Naomi Justice asked her!

"But you don't understand, Naomi! Ryan Daily told me just today that he loved me!" Protested her best friend in the world, Ruth.

"You are the one who does not understand, Ruth! Ryan Daily tells that to all of the pretty girls in our school that he loves them! The only one that Ryan Daily loves is himself!" Naomi strongly disagreed.

The two friends walked home from their school because they only lived one mile away from it. And they only lived a few houses apart on the same block. Ruth hugged her BFF with a loving and warm hug. And Naomi continued on her way back home to her own house.

The telephone was ringing off the hook at Ruth's place. It was none other than Ryan Daily trying to get into contact with Ruth. He had a bet with some of the guys that he could get Ruth to want to kiss him! It was a good thing that Ruth had an older Christian brother, Robert, who knew all about Ryan Daily. And wanted nothing to do with him or his crowd because of it! It was Robert who answered Ryan and told him,"Ryan Daily why don't you take off to the great white north and leave my kid sister alone!" He shouted loudly at him.

"What are you Robert Allen Winslow, the second! Your kid sister's keeper!" Ryan Daily shouted back at him. Suddenly Mr. Robert Allen Winslow took the phone away from his eldest son. "If you don't leave my daughter Ruth alone, Ryan Daily! You won't have my son Robert to deal with! You will have me to deal with you personally! And don't you ever call Ruth on the phone ever again! Good bye Ryan!"

Ruth Rachel Winslow could not believe her ears! It seems just as if every one in her house knew all about Ryan Daily but her! But her friend Naomi Rhea Justice also knew all about him and tried to warn her as well! How stupid and blind could she ever be to believe in a boy's lies! Just because he told her that he loved her!

Her father saw Ruth's pale face and warmly embraced her.

She started sobbing uncontrollably! "He-ee told me--e that-tt he-ee loved-dd me! When-n all he did was lie to meee! I'll never forgiveee him ever!" She sobbed her heart out! "

Listen Ruth! Ryan made a bet with some of the lousily dudes that he hangs out with that he could get you to kiss him!" Her older brother Robert, the second, comforted her with those words. "Your best friend, Naomi knew all about Ryan because he also tried the same dirty trick on her! And she almost fell for it too! So don't feel so bad Ruth it isn't your fault at all it's his fault! Lousy jerk!" He yelled out loud.

"Now children, Ryan Daily, may be the world's worse louse!" Their mother Rachel Ruth Winslow admonished her family. "But it is not up to us to harbor any resentment against him! You all know that Jesus Christ would want all of us to pray for him and his family! Not to mention to forget to pray for all of his friends as well! It is the Christ like thing to do!" She led her family in prayer and their evening meal times grace.

After dinner they sat by their gas-lite fire place and the spiritual head of their household lead them in the Lord's prayer and the Beatitudes. Starting with the father, the mother, the elder son and the younger sister! They all took turns leading their family group in prayer. She sat down at her piano and played Faith of our Fathers. Her first alto voice matched her daughter's slightly higher pitched one.

Her husband played his violin, their son played his trumpet, and their daughter sang the old gospel hymn in her lovely second soprano voice! All of their nearest neighbors, even the ones that were non believers! Turned off: their radios, record players, casset players, telephones and their television sets so they could listen to the Winslow family's harmonious quartet!

Mr. Robert Winslow just lost his job that he held for over fifteen years for daring to witness to a man that he always regarded as his best friend! His so-called best friend turned him in complained,"Bob Windslow won't stop trying to turn me into of all things! A born again Christian just like himself!

And that terminated a ten year friendship between them! Apparently only Bob Winslow regarded Jack Rugby as a friend and not the other way around! Bob Winslow was the football coach at his son's high school! His son was in band but did not play football because he did not want to injure "his lip" and not be able to play the trumpet!

As for Mrs. Rachel Ruth Winslow, she tried testifying of her Christian faith at her place of employment. And she also lost her job because of it! That is why the Winslows put their house up for sale! She worked as a cashier at Woman's clothing store and she tried to testify to one of her customers!

"Good riddance to bad rubbish! They would all be much better off without those mealy mouthed Christians in the neighborhood! They can't move outta here fast enough to suit us!

The Winslow's Family Quartet is how they were known in their local church.They performed just how often they were asked to perform by their worship leader. Mrs. Rachel Ruth Winslow also played the organ as well as the piano and her daughter Ruth Rachel Winslow also played both the piano and the organ as well. Thus the Winslow women along with their men played at every church service. All four of them sang in their church choir as well. Mr. Robert Winslow was a Baritone while his son was a lower octave Tenor.

Their church learned just they were going to be missed! All because both parents lost their jobs because of their Christian testimonies! And that they had just put their house up for sale because of it! The people of their church had no room for them in their own homes, because of their own families! Their church did take up a special offering for the Winslow's and that family sold everything they could at their church sponsored special auction. Including all of their families musical instruments!

The two church parish houses were for their pastor and his wife, as well as their associate youth pastor and his wife. And they had no room in their church houses for them either.

It was not as if they go rely upon either of their parents to take them in! Their parents had retired and moved to a warmer climate. Also they could rely upon their own siblings to take them in, because they had their own children to take care of.

Mr. Robert Winslow football team had a winning record and they had won at their: district, regional and state level at a regular basis! And thus their high school was sorry that they had to let him go! All because of one single complaint made against him by Jack Rugby. Jack was their assistant football coach and he coveted Mark Winslow's job and his position. The school did not give Coach Winslow a letter of recommendation.

As for his wife, Rachel Ruth Winslow, she was their top sales leader for the record breaking longest period of time. But the customer who made the complaint against her was their very best customer! Both her husband and her were card carrying agnostics! And they both hated Christians with their unrighteous hatred! Her clothing store did not give them a letter of recommendation.

But their church gave their entire family their warmest regards and their highest letters of recommendations. Other local churches had enjoyed the Winslow's Family Quartet for a very long time. Thus the Winslows were able to perform for them and they did so without any offerings because money was very tight. But instead they offered them their warm Christian hospitality. They were able to sing and preform for their room and their board.

As for their children's education, special arrangements were made! One of their larger churches had a Christian school! And their children were given: tuition and text book wavers plus all of their school supplies were also covered. Thus the larger church became the new home church for the Winslow family. As for preforming, they already had a piano and an organ player. Their choirs and their church band were all full. Thus they preformed as none other than "The Winslow Family's Quartet." All of their instruments and their music were provided free of charge!

Jack Rugby was fired for disorderly drunken conduct. Without Mark Winslow's restraining influence, he started drinking to excess! The clothing store which was once very popular, closed its doors and layed off all of their female employees! Their high school football team never won even one single game! Their neighbors that complained about the Winslow's had a family that loved to listen to loud rock n'roll music almost 24/7 move in! Ryan Daily became an unwed parent and his father kicked him out. The Justice family moved and started attending the same church as the Winslow's. Ruth Rachel got her best friend, Naomi Justice back again! The Winslows got their best friend's the Justice's back once more again.

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea/ October Country

June 28 & 30, 2022

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